SEO Marketing

There are many people who have created websites in order to provide certain services and information to the people. They could be health websites, technological sites or any other informational sites. But plenty of these sites lag behind in the search results in the search engines, thus there is the need for the creators to push their sites to the first pages of the search results. This is called Search Engine Optimization.

Not a lot of people know how to conduct SEO. Therefore, there was the need to create an SEO conference in order to teach people on how to do it. There are many people who would want to learn the specific ways of SEO working in order to boost their sales. The BHW conference, an internet marketing conference, is sponsoring an SEO conference in a bid to help article marketers to be able to earn more from their articles. The internet marketing conference is looking to promote values such as:

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3D Design Effects

What makes an object 3D?
Ponder (Thinking Angel) There are many things that can contribute to making an object appear three dimensional on a flat surface. Characteristics such as perspective, shadows, shading, and texture can all contribute to making an image look 3D. Look at the image to the left. It appears to have depth for a few reasons. Notice that there is a shadow on one side of the character. There is also added brightness on the opposite side. This combined with the glossy surface of the character makes it appear very real.

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What is a moire

A moiré is a convergence of different patterns. When two patterns combine they create a pattern in their own. This interference between two patterns is called a Moiré. Moirés can actually be good and bad. Sometimes bad monitors or video cards can create moiré patterns your screen. But at their best, moire’s can be very beautiful. Special effects, such as 3D, can be added to moirés to make them more appealing.

Creating Moirés
Pattern 1+ Pattern 2= Moiré Result

This simple demonstration explains it all. In this example two patterns were combined to provide the third pattern, which is a moiré. Square patterns are not the only thing that can be used to create moirés. Other things that can be used are: circles, lines, dots, zig-zags, etc. Another thing that can be done to create the final moiré pattern is to three dimensionally twist a pattern.

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Design Fractals

What is a fractal?
Mandelbrot fractal Simply put, a fractal is a computer generated design of infinite detail. It is created using a mathematical formula, which makes the computer a perfect medium for fractal expression. No matter how closely you look at a fractal, it never loses its detail. It is infinitely detailed, yet can be contained in a finite space.

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The History of Computers and Design

What is Web Design?
By visiting this site, you have already experienced the beauty of computer art. Computer art is a new form of expression for artists that are computer literate. It enables them to use the Internet as a way of gaining popularity and business. Computer art consists of, but is in no way limited to, Fractals, Moirés, 3D Designs, and Image Manipulations. If you are interested in seeing more computer art check out the online gallery. The gallery has sixty pieces of art for you to enjoy. Continue on to learn more about how computers and art were made for each other.

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